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How Manuel got back in shape

Manuel, where are you from, how long have you been in Zurich, and how does your typical weekday look like? I was born in Portugal and have been in Zurich, Switzerland, for 3.5 years. My usual day is a normal 9 to 18 office “sit at a desk” job. I do try to stay active and train at least 3 times a week.

What situation or trigger motivated you to initiate a change in your body/health? What was your goal you had in mind?

I got curious about what a strict plan would do to my body. I didn't think I was overweight but knew that I was not eating well and taking care of my body well enough.

How were the first few weeks of the challenge for you? What did you realize about yourself?

The first weeks really test your commitment and willpower, but if you’re determined and just grind through it then it gets easier and easier. I’m rather stubborn myself, so this was not something too difficult for me to endure.

When did you start noticing the first few positive changes, and what were they?

You don’t really see them on yourself because you look at yourself in the mirror every day, but after a month or so people started asking the “did you lose weight? “ question and after about 4 different people did that I really started realizing that myself.

Manuel lost 5kg during the challenge #betternotperfect#nodiet#weightloss#fit
3 months after the challenge, Manuel got even leaner and needed to buy a new suit for work :-)

What did you find helpful in the challenge? Anything you didn't like?

The coaching and the point system are useful to help you stick to the challenge because you always want to score as high as you can. I think maybe the recipes could be more practical for someone who's always on the go, but I simply picked the ones that were practical for me and stuck to those.

Thanks for the feedback. We are constantly adding more recipes as inspirations. After your challenge, did you reach your goal? If yes, what was the key?

I went BEYOND my goal. I didn't have a specific number in mind, but the result exceeded my expectations. After you start seeing results and your metabolism adjusts to this new lifestyle, it becomes very natural to stay on track. You also appreciate more little indulgences when they present themselves, but I found that most of my cravings disappeared.

Many people go from crash-diet to crash-diet: they eat less, and gain the weight back again. now, 3 months after the challenge, where are you now? how sustainable and successful has the Eat better, not perfect program been for you?

By doing the program, you get used to living differently and so to me it's been very sustainable. You realize that you don’t crave certain things as much, and some of those things now actually don’t taste as good as before. I found out that I lost interest in bread and pasta and most processed foods. You’ll still enjoy them every now and then, sure, but they just aren’t everyday food I feel like I need anymore.

Thank you very much for your commitment and inspiration, Manuel. Congrats on your fantastic results and your new life!

Thanks! I can say that the challenge has really changed my life and I can recommend it since it's very simple. Not easy, but simple, and it gets easier and easier week after week.

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Kevin Clement, Founder Eat better, not perfect.

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