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Success story: How Andrea lost 15kg.

Andrea, 24, struggled with her weight for a long time before she started her Eat better, not perfect Program. "I've had quite a few attempts to change my diet, but I always failed. I can't explain why. Probably because I'm always too hard on myself." she told us about herself at the time. In the interview, she explains how she finally succeeded.

Andrea before and after her Challenge

Andrea, you participated in an Eat better, not perfect program in 2019. What was your motivation for doing it?

I just let myself go after moving to a new place and gained weight. I weighed more than I ever had before and it was just annoying to realize that my clothes just didn't fit anymore.

That just had to change again as I have always been very active and athletic.

What were your expectations of the Program or what would happen at the end?

That I would reach my goals and that I would eat enough every day instead of very little as before. Now I could eat 3x a day and felt very good. Also my ravenous hunger attacks were practically gone.

And how satisfied were you with the results?

My expectations were exceeded! I lost 15.3kg without eating less or counting calories.

Congratulations! What helped you in the process?

My coach was super helpful and useful. The food lists were always clear, the timing of the different tasks was very helpful. All in all, it was understandable, so I learned a lot during this time that I can continue to implement.

An important aspect is sustainability. Now the important question: where are you 4 months after your program?

During the program you learn to find your own balance so that you are 80% eating well, and 20% free. I wasn't at my 80-20 balance, but more like 70-30. Now, 4 months later, I'm about the same weight. I may have gained about 2Kg again, but am far from the yoyo effect, meaning I have been able to maintain my results well. However, I have to admit that I have had a bit more stress and inner turmoil lately and have neglected my diet a bit because of that. I know that I will reach a more optimal body weight if I start to implement what I have learned. I will now also tackle this again.

A lot depends on one's attitude, and Eat better, not perfect has helped me not to have to do everything perfectly, but has brought me a big step closer to my balance.

Besides the weight loss, have you noticed any other positive changes?

I have generally become much more active and cheerful. When I get compliments from friends, family or clients, it's twice as much fun.

During the Program, Andrea volunteered to document her journey.

At this point, congratulations to Andrea! In her case, the "better, not perfect" philosophy has helped her to approach the topic of nutrition differently.

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Kevin Clement, Founder Eat better, not perfect.

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