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Why is Eat better, not perfect different?

Over several years, we have helped hundreds of people of all different proportions and professions to live healthier lives. During this time, we have realized from the intensive support that the key to short-term, but also sustainable success is consciously dealing with yourself: knowing why you want to take more care of your body, and not throwing yourself into junk food when stressed or experiencing other negative emotions. And this is where human support helps.

Stress also arises when you think you have to do everything perfectly. This is also how many nutritional philosophies are geared: No sugar, no pasta, etc. But unfortunately, in our modern world with all the processed and delicious products, this is simply not realistic. Looking the other way and trying to ignore the KitKat at the checkout is not the solution. And massively reducing calorie intake often leads to the yo-yo effect.

It also works without counting calories or weighing food

Using common-sense

Instead, Eat better, not perfect takes a different approach: just as our name suggests, success lies not in perfection, but in incremental changes in our attitude toward food as well as toward ourselves. A combination of a food diary, elimination diet, sugar depletion, and slow reintroduction of different foods forms the basis of our programs.

In addition, instead of an algorithm, you get a real coach who supports you via WhatsApp. Because only a real person understands real feelings and can support you the next time you get ravenous for pasta or sweets. or your coach can help you adjust your plan when you have an intense work week ahead of you.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Why do we offer a money-back guarantee after 6 weeks? Because every single participant who has followed the program as intended has experienced noticeable positive changes: Weight loss, joint pain eliminated, bloating reduced, more energy, a better body image, more confidence, and more enjoyment of food again.

Try it for yourself, you can only win.

Do you also want to reach your optimal weight, lose excess fat, and/or simply have more energy?

Then join one of our programs. Discover our programs now.

Not sure if our programs are right for you? Book a free consultation with our customer care team here.

Kevin Clement, Founder Eat better, not perfect.

Questions or suggestions? Let us know at

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