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Are you serious about doing 75HARD, and are you looking for support with your nutrition throughout this program?​

Then apply for the Eat better, not perfect 75HARD package and get:

  • Access to the 12-week Steady nutrition program (valued at 699 USD)

  • A 75HARD planning session with our founder, to set you up for success in 75HARD (valued at 99 USD)

  • Membership in a closed Eat better, not perfect 75HARD community

  • 6 Bi-weekly 1-on-1 check-ins with our founder (valued at 450 USD), on top of the bi-weekly coaching sessions as part of the Steady program

  • A surprise incentive for when you truly complete 75HARD

For a total investment of only 999 USD instead of 1248 USD.

Note: for this package, we will only work with a few handpicked individuals we believe have the right mindset to complete the program. Application only.

What results can you expect?​

  • An immense self-confidence and belief that you can do everything you set your mind to

  • A massive momentum that, if you keep it up, will allow you to build and achieve greatness

  • You will no longer have tolerance for time wasters negativity

  • You'll be a massive influence of positivity for the people around you

  • A completely new way of looking at the world and at yourself (believe us, it's better)

  • A complete body transformation

A word of caution: these amazing results are only possible when sticking to the program 100%. There is no shortcut or easy way. But it will be 100% worth it!

Eat better, not perfect founder Kevin after his 2nd 75HARD program in 2020

Apply for the 75HARD package

Thanks! We will be in touch.

75hard application

Read more about 75 on our blogpost here

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