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Tom's success story

Tom, what was your goal when you reached out to Eat better, not perfect?

I wanted to change my eating habits since they were all over the place. My whole life I just ate and snacked and drank whatever and whenever I wanted. I didn't know what the best way to eat was for me, neither did I have any clue about proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

As a result, I started to gain weight over time, and even though I went for a run every day, my weight didn't drop.

I definitely wanted to be able to wear my old S-size T-shirts again because I felt pretty bad about my weight, my energy levels, and my stamina. Running a 7K felt like a full distance iron man triathlon...

What have you tried before starting your Eat better, not perfect journey?

Oh, I tried pretty much every diet out there: low carb, keto, low fat, low sugar, you name it and I've done it. The low-sugar diet worked really well for me, I went down from 83kg to 69kg in the 2 months that I wasn't eating any sugar, any fruits, pastries and always drinking green tea. I've received a lot of compliments during those 2 months, and it felt great. But as soon as the 2 months were over, I was back to "normal", and the weight came back, fast. That's when I googled "sustainable fat loss" and found you guys.

How was working with Eat better, not perfect for you?

It was fantastic, and I'm not saying this because you're interviewing me! My coach Alexandra is amazing and always is able to help me out. But I also got a lot of support from you. This combined with the super personal approach makes it feel like I working with friends instead of just "someone I paid to coach me". But don't get me wrong, you guys are also very professional.

What I truly appreciated was that when I, since I am just a human, slipped up and made mistakes, my coach made sure I didn't feel guilty or beat up, but instead was looking how we can get back on track to get my results.

As someone who enjoys life, how did you deal with social eating activities?

I guess this is the toughest part for most people trying to lose weight. I'm just a normal person, so if I'm at a restaurant and I'm eating only veggies, or refusing to have dessert or drinks, people start to feel uncomfortable and say "Tom is on a diet again, he'll lose weight and in 6 months he gains it back and starts another diet". That situation happened over and over again, and I really was struggling with that.

But this time, instead of calling it a diet, I say that I'm changing my eating habits, to improve what I eat and how much I eat. But I still enjoy some good wine or desserts, or some "cheat foods", but in a balanced way so it doesn't feel like punishment. And this is something my friends understand. So I don't feel like I have to defend myself since that never works and you'll give in sooner or later.

Did you reach your goal?

Yes! in 6 weeks, I went from 81.5 to 73.4kg. And while weight loss was my main goal, I've received plenty of extra bonus perks. I feel much more comfortable in the way I'm eating now and got so much more mental satisfaction, which in hindsight is probably the biggest reward.

What are the main things you learned during the program?

Too many to sum up, but the 2 biggest points are that I got to know myself and my body better, that I don't need that many dairy products in my life. There are plenty of alternatives and I actually like it better this way.

The second thing is that I found out I can cook! My cooking skills got so much better, my friends love to come for dinner now! And this has helped me score extra points with a couple of dates too ;).

What's next for you?

I'm currently doing the continued coaching Foundation program, which is a great follow-up after the 6 weeks. Especially since the first time I did the 6 week program in 2019, I had great results but afterward, I became lazy and unfocused. Now I still have my coach to keep me on track while I'm building the habits to be self-sustainable in the long term.

Next to that, I want to focus on my workout routines, which is the other 20% of the formula for long term health :)

Any finishing words?

Everyone looking to lose weight and keep it off should seriously consider joining your programs. And again I'm not saying this because you're interviewing me, but it truly helped me and I'm sure you were able to help plenty of others too. It never felt like a strict diet, but really a journey towards a healthier life.

Thomas "Tom" Mampilly is an IT professional living in Switzerland who loves to travel, good food, wine, and meeting new people.

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Kevin Clement, Founder Eat better, not perfect.

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